Refinancing - the change in the agreement (terms regarding the method of financing a debt.

You own a property and you need to reduce the mortgage payments, consolidate your debts, take out part of the equity for an emergency or planned situation, reduce the term or lower the interest of the mortgage, the requirement is simple, a refinancing at the lowest interest in the market in the last fifty years.

Pre-qualify now and court on the money to:

  • Make the improvements you want to your home
  • Eliminate the high interest credit card debts and personal loans
  • Consolidate your debts in one low monthly payment
  • Establish the interest of your mortgage now that they are at their lowest level
  • The studies of your children
  • Attend health conditions, yours and of your family
  • Invest in another property to rent
  • Whatever you want to do

The result of a savings in any situation, will depend on the income, budget, the balance of your current mortgage and the change in the interest rate.

We provide you a Mortgage Calculator so that you can see an example of the estimated savings in your case. Do the math.

Now that you have seen the potential savings you can have by refinancing, don't wait any longer, consult one of our mortgage executives today at 787-725-8000. We are there to serve you 24/7.